I aim to help you find balance in your life, and increase your awareness mind, body, and spirit. 


I will guide you in gaining insight and self-understanding in a space that is warm and supportive. 


Let’s explore your inner world - your conflicts, fears, and difficulties - with curiosity and compassion to help you find a sense of inner peace and calm. 

I will support you in learning to cultivate self- trust  so you can live in alignment with your purpose, feel free to express yourself, and create joy in your life.


All are welcome. 

I serve individuals of all backgrounds and identities. I aim to be inclusive, culturally responsive, and identity affirming.

I am committed to acknowledging the harm of systemic oppression and unlearning my own colonial mentality. 


My approach is person-centered, nonjudgemental, and relational. 

I believe you are the expert of your own experience - filled with innate wisdom, strengths, and gifts. 


I will encourage you to speak your needs and boundaries.


We will work together at the pace that is right for you. 


Our ability to relate to and connect to ourself and  one another is key to healing.

Let’s Explore: 


Mindfulness (heartfulness)-  how to be fully in the present moment with compassion and non judgement 


Identify, communicate, and express what you feel - carry your emotions rather than be carried by them 


Unlearning old ways of thinking & creating new ways of being - replacing negative thought patterns with self-affirming  & kind beliefs

Knowing your core beliefs and values - knowing what brings you joy 

Healing intergenerational and family trauma - moving away from fear, worry codependency, and  shame and  towards knowing your self-worth, healthy interdependence and caring relationships, & moving away from from isolation and loneliness and towards  belonging and community 


Unlearning internalized oppression - exploring your identities and culture