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Let’s Explore

Mindfulness (heartfulness)-  the practice of being fully in the present moment with compassion and non-judgement 


Feelings - Identify, communicate, and express what you feel  -

Carry  your emotions rather than be carried by them 

Communication - speak your needs & assert your boundaries 


Unlearn old ways of thinking & create new ways of being - Replace negative thought patterns with self-affirming  & kind beliefs

Self-Understanding - Align yourself with your core beliefs and values & engaging in what brings you joy 

Creative expression - alchemize  experiences and feelings into art 

Healing intergenerational, family, & relational trauma -

moving away from fear, codependency, and  shame &  towards knowing your self-worth, healthy interdependence and caring relationships

moving away from from isolation & loneliness, and towards  belonging, community, & meaningful connection 


Unlearning internalized oppression - exploring, reclaiming, and embracing your identities, ancestry, and culture 


All are welcome. 

I serve individuals of all backgrounds and identities. I aim to be inclusive, culturally responsive, and identity affirming.

I am committed to acknowledging the harm of systemic oppression and unlearning my own colonial mentality. 


My Approach


Person-Centered:   I believe you are the expert of your own experience - filled with innate wisdom,  strengths, and gifts. 


Mindful Self-Compassion: I will offer you reminders to gently return to the present, slow down, and pace yourself in your healing. 


Relational: I believe our ability to relate to and connect to ourselves and  one another is key to healing.

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